Haggis Making Masterclass

Haggis Making Masterclass
From GBP £55.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Balfron, Glasgow
  • Product code: PPD0KZ

Children - 2 years and under free.

Long before today’s chefs began celebrating the idea of ‘nose-to-tail eating’, Scots were putting it into practice. You can too during this master haggis making workshop when you will make your own traditional Scottish haggis and discover all you need to know about haggis to enjoy its unique flavours.

  • Make your own unique haggis with guidance from a master Haggis maker
  • Learn how to prepare the accompaniments served with a  traditional Scottish meal
  • Enjoy a 3-course meal with fellow foodies drawing together a delicious selection of locally sourced ingredients 

Every participant will receive a complimentary recipe pack & a souvenir Haggis Experience Certificate

What to expect:

This Haggis Making Master Class is an active,  fun-filled 3 hours when you will get stuck into making and tasting Scottish haggis.

Expertly guided by a master haggis maker and local guide, you will:

  • Discover the origins of haggis and the ingredients that make it so delicious.
  • Explore the spices that give Haggis its unique flavour.
  • Blend your own spice mix and use them to create your own Haggis
  • Watch the making of a traditional haggis by a master Haggis Maker
  • Make your own unique haggis
  • While we cook your haggis, learn how to perfect the traditional accompaniments to Haggis
  • Watch as we prepare a Boozy Whisky Cream to accompany your haggis
  • Then let us take you on an entertaining introduction to the mythical Haggis.

At the end of the class, sit down with fellow haggis cooks and enjoy a 3-course meal made with locally sourced ingredients



Classic Scotch Broth

Hearty Scottish Tradition meat & vegetable soup (Vegetarian option available)

The main event:

Traditional Haggis and/or Macsween Vegetarian Haggis,

Served with

Steaming Peppery swedes & Creamy smooth mashed potatoes


Traditional Scottish Cranachan

Delicious desert made with Scottish cream, raspberries, oats & whisk

Every participant will receive a complimentary recipe pack & a souvenir Haggis Master Certificate