Haggis Making Demonstration and 2 course meal

Haggis Making Demonstration and 2 course meal
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  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Balfron, Glasgow
  • Product code: hmg

If you have always wanted to discover the truth about haggis whilst visiting Scotland, you are in for a real treat. In this Haggis Making Demonstration & 2 course meal set on a working sheep farm, you will discover all that you need to know about haggis and how to enjoy it as part of a traditional Scottish meal.

  • Experience a demo in Scottish haggis making.
  • Learn about the origins of haggis and why it is so delicious.
  • Enjoy a generous 2-course meal of handmade haggis with traditional accompaniments and a fresh dessert.

Vegetarian haggis option available as standard, vegan and gluten free options by arrangement.

Every participant will receive a complimentary recipe pack & a souvenir Haggis Experience Certificate.

What to expect:

The Haggis Making Demonstration and Meal will begin with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee, served with traditional Scottish shortbread, followed by a masterclass in haggis making. During the demonstration, you will:

  • Be introduced to a working sheep farm and the surrounding area.
  • Receive an entertaining introduction to the mythical haggis.
  • Discover the origins of haggis and the ingredients that make it so delicious.
  • Explore the spices that give haggis its unique flavour.
  • Watch the making of a traditional haggis by a master Haggis Maker.
  • Learn how to perfect the traditional accompaniments to haggis.

We also include a brief understanding of why haggis is intrinsically linked to Rabbie Burns, Scotland’s Bard.

After the haggis demo, sit down to enjoy a relaxed 2-course Scottish meal including handmade haggis with traditional accompaniments.


Traditional haggis and/or Macsween vegetarian haggis with steaming peppery swedes & creamy smooth mashed potatoes

Followed by

Traditional Scottish cranachan

A delicious dessert made with Scottish cream, raspberries, oats & whisky